What is Bio-Regulatory Medicine?

Bio-Regulatory Medicine (BRM) is a therapy whereby a custom – made solution is administered into the site of pain, muscles, near and/or around joints, ligaments, tendons, trigger points, neural points, scars, reflex zones and/or specific acupuncture points.

Common Indications:

The injectable’s that are commonly used may include any of the following which are specific for Muscle Pain, Joint Pain, Arthritis, Bursitis, Tendonitis and Degeneration of the Shoulder, Knee, Hip, Neck, Mid-Back, Lower Back and Sacro-Iliac pain and various tendon problems (tennis elbow, golfer’s elbow, patellar tendonitis)


Bio-Regulatory Medicine (BRM) is very successful for treating sports injuries. The use of bio-therapeutic injections can benefit patients who have tried conventional medicine and/or surgery but have had limited and/or no success, or for those who have had to stop taking conventional medication because of side effects or for those individuals looking for a more natural approach.

What kinds of products are injected?

Some practitioners may use the same products for all patients. This depends upon the background, knowledge and experience of the practitioner. Dr. Hardy selects and customizes which products he uses for each patient to give the best clinical results.

Each patient is different and what works for one patient may not work for another patient, even if they have similar complaints.

The substances in the products may include any of the following:

Interleukins, Anti-Interleukins, Cytokines, Growth Factors, Neurotransmitters, Vitamins, Amino Acids, Enzymes, Hormones, Homeopathic Medicines and other metabolic and biochemical molecules which the body requires to maintain and/or regain health and healing.

Are these products safe?

Yes, because the ampoules do not contain high concentrations of bioactive molecules. They usually contain diluted products. As a result, toxic side effects are very unlikely. Additionally, the ampoules used in Bio-Regulatory Medicine (BRM) are manufactured by companies that guarantee the production quality of their products.

How can these dilutions actually have an effect on the body?

The fact that most ampoules contain low concentrations is often a reason for conventional physicians to criticize the effects of these products. But it is important to know that the products used in Bio-Regulatory Medicine (BRM) are not diluted as much as in “real” homeopathy. That’s why we call them ultra-low doses.

How does Bio-Regulatory Medicine work to help me with my pain or inflammations?

In conventional medicine, the drug you take suppresses your symptoms immediately.

That is why you need to take high doses of chemical substances in order to suppress pain or inflammation. And usually it works immediately.


But as soon as the medication stops working, you have to take another pill to “kill the pain” again.


However, in Bio-Regulatory Medicine (BRM) small doses of products are injected in order to stimulate the natural healing processes. These ultra-low doses “wake up” mechanisms which are available anyway. So, the healing effect comes from “inside” your body — not from the products themselves.


It’s the reaction of your immune system which will produce the proper reactions to regain natural healing. The reaction of your body may be better local blood circulation, tissue repair, relaxation of muscles or local detoxification.

Will Bio-Regulatory Medicine help me as quickly as conventional therapies?

It’s obvious that injections of micro-doses are less powerful than, for example, cortisone injections. The dose used is too small to immediately suppress inflammation.

But that’s not the goal of Bio-Regulatory Medicine (BRM). We consider inflammation as

an important element of true and lasting healing.


The goal of Bio-Regulatory Medicine (BRM) is to stimulate the natural inflammatory processes in order to achieve a complete and natural healing of the injured tissues.

So, we do exactly the opposite of conventional drugs. As a result, the symptomatic relief may take longer, especially for chronic cases. But when approaching acute injuries, such

as sports injuries or whiplash, the effects of the injections are apparent almost immediately.

Where are these injections given?

Most people — especially those who are apprehensive about needles and injections because they may have had bad experiences — are surprised at how easily and quickly these injections are given. In fact, these injections cannot be compared to the ‘usual’ injections given in conventional medicine.


Dr. Hardy uses a topical anesthetic spray prior to the injection and the needles used are very fine and the quantity of solution injected is very small.


The injections are not painful for example as compared to drawing blood, cortisone and prescription medications being injected. 


Dr. Hardy does not give the injections arbitrarily; the injections are administered in carefully chosen locations. It’s different for each patient.

Is there an element of risk with such injections?

It is clear that the doctor who decides to use, Bio-Regulatory Medicine (BRM) will always

do so according to the latest technical and therapeutic standards. This includes a correct injection technique and appropriate infectious precautions with disposable one-time use syringe and needles.

The most common adverse effects after treatment may be a small red area after injection or small bruise. Serious side effects are rare.

When should Dr. Hardy suggest Bio-Regulatory Medicine?

Bio-Regulatory Medicine (BRM) can’t solve all your medical problems. It is not a miracle therapy. It is up to Dr. Hardy to decide what conditions can and cannot be treated and to refer you to the proper medical professional if Dr. Hardy does not feel you are a candidate for this treatment.


The majority of patients choose to be treated with Bio-Regulatory Medicine (BRM) because they are in pain which has not responded to treatment with conventional medications

(i.e., NSAIDS like Advil, steroids or opiate pain-killers) or experienced unwanted side effects of conventional painkillers.


Other patients prefer to treat their conditions naturally or with complementary and integrative medicine approaches. It is critical to recognize that Bio-Regulatory Medicine (BRM) is not designed to “take away the pain” as with conventional pain killers. Pain is seen as an important ‘signal’ from your body that something is going wrong.


It is like the warning light on your dashboard of your car: the goal is not just to relieve the pain and restore function, but to treat the deeper cause.

Can I expect immediate improvement after an injection?

Every case is different. Some patients improve immediately after the injection, sometimes within the first or second treatment. In Bio-Regulatory Medicine (BRM) such an immediate improvement is more likely to occur when dealing with fresh sports injuries, acute soft-tissue injuries, such as an ankle sprain or acute neck or back strain and when your immune system is working properly.


But when dealing with complaints that have persisted for months or years, the injured tissues need more time to heal. Dr. Hardy cannot tell you how many treatments you may need until he begins working on you, since everyone’s condition is different.

When should I not consider Bio-Regulatory Medicine?

Bio-Regulatory Medicine (BRM) would not be a considered a treatment for a fracture, large herniated disc with neurologic weakness, infections and/or serious underlying medical illness.

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